Thursday, June 2, 2011

STAMP PARTY!! Official Previews of My Stamps: Positive Thoughts Day 2 of 4

Hi everyone! I'm doing one preview of my newest stamp line each day this week. Yesterday was Fashionable Friends which goes to help benefit the charity: Cancer Angels here in San Diego, CA. This agency gives atleast 95% to Cancer 4 level patients, regardless of which cancer they are battling. That was important to me--when researching charities--that they give atleast 85% directly to the people in need, and also that the money stays here in America.
Another important part of choosing my stamps was making sure they are manufactured and assembled completely here in America.
Whew! I've been BUSY as a bee for the past month doing all this. I'm such a sap. I've been researching all my charities, and that's why it's taking me a while to pop up set 4 which will be Saturday...becuse I've been researching to find a GOOD charity that benefits feeding the hungry--and yes I've done alot of crying the past few days. I'm such A softie--so when I read all these reviews, and stories I cry! YEEESH!
Okay so on to my 2'nd PREVIEW! This set was very dear to my heart, as they are all sayings I use alot, and knew they would be perfect on cards I send out. Most of the cards I send are Encouragement Cards. So I tried to make this set versatile, so they can be used on the inside and outside of the card. There are 19 sentimetns on this 4x6 sheet so they are small, but not teeny tiny--just perfect for card makers!
I've made two projects using this set so far but I know this will be the set that gets ALOT of us from me...because I love inspiring and encouraging others. Scroll down to see my newest video!

This set goes to benefit by SIGNATURE Charity: Storefront Shelter which takes the street 6 nights a week looking for homeless children here in San Diego, CA. 86% of it's proceeds go directly to the children.
I think it's a good thing to do--EVERY DAY all the time. Find little ways to be charitable in your resources, both time, money, and acts of good will. YOU never know who you are touching, and how far your small act of kindness will go. I'm sorry I'm such a SAP but this is me...I just don't think you can out-do God.
If you are  interested in my 2'nd set: Positive Thoughts just CLICK HERE to check it out or purchase....or click on my Products tab. I'll see you back here tomorrow with another stamp preview--thanks for letting me share. This is about all the advertisement you will see from me in these 4 days.

Go Ahead & Laugh by K Andrew
Supplies: Imagine More Cricut Imagine Cartridge (Memory Miser for Provo Craft), Positive Thoughts Stamp set (K Andrew Designs Art Stamps), Cardstock: Bazzil Basics Paper (Solids), Canvas Corp (Dots), Ribbon: (Create365), Ink: Colorbox Chalk (Clear Snap), Memento (Peachy Keen)

Via U-stream; still can't get youtube to work right now (working--fingers crossed!)

Leave me a comment if you will, and I'll send one of you this card kit: (1/2 yard of each Ribbon, Dot Paper Mat, and Armadillo card pieces print and cut)