Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take it On Thursday!!!

Hi everyone--what a terrific and busy Thursday this has turned out to be! I just picked up a new retailer, a brick and mortar store here in San Diego, so today was a busy day running her order over to her! I can't wait to share this awesome store with you called The Stamp Addict here in San Diego!
Now you all know how much I LOVE doing good--it's just what I believe God put me here on this earth to do.
I'm kind of going thru a bit of a rough time with my sons' upcoming heart surgery--stress!~but aren't we all. However, there are sometimes in your life when you are going thru DEVESTATING times...and you may not even speak about them...but the sadness in your heart and eyes can be seen and felt by very discerning people. It's called the spirit of discernment. God gave me this gift, and for years I fought it--I didn't want to know or sense when others were mocking me, didn't like me, etc...however now I pray and He uses it for good.
One small way we can reach out to those is to simply leave a note. So many people are nervous about speaking to a direct stranger when we feel a tugging in our heart. The answer?
ONE pack of yellow Post-It notes--they work wonders. When you are sitting on the tram, and you get up to leave you can simply place it near the person or to the person when you see the sadness and hurt.
Too shy to do that? Another way is I leave post it notes in bathrooms--eVERYONE has to use them--they are the most public of all places. You can simpy leave one on a door or bathroom...then walk away...AFTER praying that God lets the person who needs to read it today...see it.
I'll start--I'm headed out on the tram today--and you can bet I'll have my post it note stack with me.
Who will take it on today and do it with me?
You have ALL week....find a need--fill the need...with nothing more than a powerful affirmtion of GOOD words.
Then leave me a comment here--telling me yeah I took it can leave specifics or you can not. I do ALOT of good works that I will  NEVER tell about. As God says, never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.....
However, sometimes sharing a good work is important-to catapult others into doing good works. One small act of kindness can be TREMENDOUS--it can change a person's life forever. It can be the ONE thing that saves their life that day. You never ever will know the power of your small acts of kindness.
Go ahead....let's take on the world this week!!!
Here is one of mine today...
Okay I'm off, and just know this was very hard to share. I dont' like to tell my good works, but I've been praying and praying--and I believe sharing a good work here and there can be a GOOD thing-it can launch others into kindness, it can encourage others to do good....and the world needs a little more of doing good and building up--than doing bad and tearing down.
Go ahead...take the CHALLENGE!
Love to you all this Thursday!