Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winners! Creative Charms Debuts! Look Who's Published..It might be You!

Hi everyone! I have a bunch of fun news so keep on reading....might be a bit long! lol!

Blog Candy Winners are....
My Fashionable Friends Stamp Set Upon Release is....#40 LeeAnn from NC said... I love your layout! I just ordered this cartridge a few days ago and should receive it this week. Congratulations on your new stamp's really cute ! I think it's great that you will be donating some of the proceeds to deserving charities...sounds like a win-win situation for everyone.

Fredom Isn't Free Stamp Set Upon Release is....#5 Lisa said...Wow, Kristal, this card is simply beautiful! I love that sentiment and must have your stamps...can't wait for the release!! Happy Memorial Day weekend :)

My Pink Stamper Sets:
SET ONE is...#15 Scrappymama Elaine said... I have tears in my eyes and I can't spreak. Thanks for the challenge to my hearts.
SET TWO is...#30 Kimberli said. Thank you for your powerful message, it means a lot!
SET THREE is..#98 is..Christina said... You are always an inspiration! I would so love to be your neighbor.

SET FOUR is...#7 Cathie (anonymous) thank for that food for thought cathie
SET FIVE is..#12 simplybren said... As always a great message, and very timely for me. I just up and quit my job 2 days ago so that I can be available to serve as God wants me to. I am both scared and excited but I know it was the right choice because I am at total peace. I applaud your husband for seeing the true beauty in your service. I know that the blessings will be many for your family and those whose lives are lucky enough to be touched by you.
SET SIX is..#81 K.Andrews you truly are a gift to all. I sit here and I read your post and I think WOW what an inspiration to all of us. Then I look in the mirror and I see me. I see a sister desperate to have any information about her lost brother from Joplin. I see an citizen helping her town and neighbors sandbag against the coming floods. I live in Bismarck/Mandan, ND and we are bracing for the flood to come in Tuesday/Wednesday next week. This is going to be the kind of flood that will go into the history books. I fill sandbags everynight with my National Guardsmen and women. And I feel the same way they do. Lets get this job done right we have people to save here. As I'm writing this I also am thinking, You know what GOD give me everything today because I can handle it.....K.Andrews thank you for the awakening it is just what I needed. Patti~

NOW for some awesome CREATIVE CHARMS DEBUT!!! WOOOOHOOO! It's MY favorite time of the month...Creative Charms time!

June Kit of the Month - $14.99 (73+ Pieces)
Red, White & Blue for You (Regular Price $25.56)
· Blue Flared Flowers – 4 Pieces
· Blue Braided Daisy Medley – 4 Pieces
· Red Braided Daisy Medley – 4 Pieces
· Blue Felt Flowers – 6 Pieces
· Blue Gingham Butterflies – 3 Pieces
· Blue Fun Butterflies – 4 Pieces
· Blue Washed Flowers – 6 Pieces
· Red Itsy Glitsy – 36+ Pieces
· Layered Felt Flowers – 6 Pieces

June Deal of the Month - $6.99 (225 Pieces!!!)
Patriotic Burst (Regular Price $19.00)
· Red Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· White Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· Blue Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· Red Gradient Jewels – 76 Pieces
· Blue Gradient Jewels – 76 Pieces
· Red Gem Garden – 12 Pieces
· White Gem Garden – 12 Pieces
· Blue Polka Dot Brads – 6 Pieces
· Red Polka Dot Brads – 6 Pieces
· 18” Red Fancy Polka Dot Ribbon

HEAD OVER TO CREATIVE CHARMS now to check out the kits before they are gone (I'm so sorry but yes they do sell out every single month--this is the only design team I'm on, and I absoultely LOVE them!)
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Published this Month: (If I do not have your blog linked, I did not know the address; please email me and I'll pop it up.
Jan Barlow
Jennifer Evans
Tammy Schram of Tammi Minnie Designs
Rene Tibbetts of Rene Scraps
Becky Gromala of Squirly Girl Creations
Laura Cline of Makin' Pretty Things
Christel Bonner of One Scrappin' Sista
Tara Keeney of Creative Princess
Sandy Skalicky of Sweet Peas Cards

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