Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Company's Coming Loralie Designs Art Stamp is #11 Becky Dunham who said You know Kristal, I just love to read your posts. They are always so positive and full of encouragement and reminders that God has our back and what else do we need besides that? Not a thing. Thanks for being such a fabulous Godly woman and keeping it real for the rest of us :)

$50.00 Gift Certificate to Mouse Memories is #52 Kimmarie Baker who said...

Fantastic purse! I love the big bow, representing Minnie!. The font on your stamp set and others are so cool, reminds me of handwriting that will never be spelled wrong. Do you know how many time I will write on my layouts and wither mess up the spelling or run out of space. Going shopping with you this week. Amazing giveaway! If I win I may be able to finally scrap my Disney pics from 15 yrs ago. :) http://kimmarieskorner.blogspot.com/

Card Kit is # 1 Cathy who said Cathy said... Just wanted to say you are not a Sap...You are a wonderful mailto:person.mexicopetshop@hotmail.com

Stamp, Mini Paper Pad & Twine is #4 Naomi who said I love you new stamps!! I never knew you made them and have been a follower for about 2 months!!! Wow, go girl!! I will be certainly checking out your online store.. I really want these... It is a sad story about your Dad but also a Happy Ending..I believe everything happens for a reason..I lost my Dad at the age of seven so continue to enjoy every minuite you have with him...

Scrap N Tote & Summer Basket winner is #91 Charlotte said... Krystal, Oh what cute projects you have here. Summertime and fresh vegetables should be one word. CharlotteCreative Charms Deal of the Month winner is #4 is LilSweetScrapper who say this is so adorable!

Purple Goody Bag against Domestic Violence is #15 Ellen ♥ CardMonkey said... Kristal, just this past weekend when my parents visited, I revealed to them that the violence began for me......

You must email me within ONE week with your name, mailing address, and full list of items won! congrats!