Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coffee & Tea for You & Me Pre-View! eeeek! soooo cute!

Hey ya'lll! I'm BAAACK with my next new release for August!! I will have one more full set after this--so if you want to preorder all three--there is a place in the store to do so! Now I am Super Duper excited (Imagine BARNEY the purple dinosaur dancing--that's how happy I am) about this set. This set is a MIX and MATCH set--so it can make TONS of sentiments just by mixing and matching the stamps in this set!
PS I also heard Cricut is making a tea and coffee cartridge--how cool is that?

I LOVE coffee and tea--I guess it comes from being a true GRITS. What's that? A Girl Raised in the South! lol! I love this set because it can even be used without a coffee and tea tone! Some of the stamps that can be made are: How Ya Bean? Bean There Done That, Love ya a latte, Miss you a latte, Java fun day, Java great day, Have a Grande Birthday, Have a fun birthday, Have a latte fun, Spill the Beans, Perk Up, You're just My cuppa Joe, You're just My cuppa tea, Perk up! Our Friendship is the right blend, Our friend is a latte fun, Our friendship is Grande, How ya bean sugar, You're just tea-rrific, What's brewing, Brewing up a latte fun, Brewing up a good time, Have a great day sugar, and on and on!!!!!

Guess what? Each stamp set you purchase goes toward a WORTHY charity organization. I research these well, and only give to ones that are not a hand-out but a way for good people to help themselves during bad times! This one is no different...
When you purchase the stamp set Coffee & Tea, you are not only aiding me and my two boys, but a fabulous charity called Wayhouse for Women. This is a fabulous rehabiltation program for women and mothers who have a substance abuse problem. This program gives 89.6% to getting mothers back into their lives and with their family by ensuring they kick the habit and have the skills long term to not relapse!

I am proud to support this charity with me donating (I donate EVERY quarter--so I will be donating mid September to all charities) $1 from every stamp set to the Charity listed out of my profit. After all fees, I donate the full $1--so no money is lost, and is given to the people in need.
I hope this stamp set provides a good sentiment base for you to pull from to share your love with all your friends, family, and men-folk. Everyone loves coffee or tea--and this is just a super versatile set!

Thank you for  your love,  your support, and cheering me on with the design and sales of these stamps that go to a good purpose as well. May God bless you richly.
Want to check this stamp set out? Head over to K Andrew Designs and preorder now! They will be on their way to you within 2 weeks--in order received. I can't wait to see what beautiful & uplifting cards you make. I have only ordered a SMALL amount, so that is why I'm taking preorders.

So let's Perk Up and Brew up some Fun!!!!!  Love to you all--Kristal


Coffee & Tea for You & Me (On Preorder now Quantities are Limited)

Okay so leave me a comment and let me know what you think!!