Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Design Team Hijack #1

The Design Team is Hijacking Kristal's Blog!
As our DT term is coming to an end we wanted to take a few days and help Kristal out by posting on her blog. We are all SO THANKFUL for her inspiration and we really enjoy being a party of her Design Team. Have you checked out her DT call? There is still time to participate in that!
Kristal is always insightful in her posts and has so many wonderful thoughts. As I was thinking of my post for her page I wanted to share a couple thoughts that have been hitting me over the past couple of weeks. All around me my friends are hurting. You may very well be someone who is hurting. You wonder how you are going to come up out of this pit you are in or if things could possibly get any worse. Remember, there are going to be brighter days! A song that I am going to share with you says "I just might bend but won't break, As long as I can see your face." It goes on to say "When life won't play along, And right keeps going wrong, And I cant seem to find my way, I know where I am found, So I wont let it drag me down, Oh, I'll keep dancing anyway." The lyrics in this song remind me that I am going to keep moving on no matter how bad it seems. Sometimes it is so hard when you are in the middle of a painful situation to see the good that will come. Our hurt is deep and dancing is the last thing on our mind. Turn that pain over to the Creator, let your friends lift you up and support you.

Here is the song:

When you are feeling down one of the best things you can do is send encouraging words to others. When we encourage others we naturally feel better. I can't explain the reasons behind that but I know it works for me! Kristal's stamps are fabulous for that purpose! I used the Splashtastic Summer Set for my cards shown below. For details on these cards you can visit my blog.

Super cute mix and match set allows you the ultimate in creating perfect sentiments for summer and water fun!!! At least $1 benefits the Autism Research Institute
Posted by Crafting Misfit
Posted by Crafting Misfit