Friday, July 22, 2011

Design Team Hijack #4

Hi Scrappy Friends! This is Jess from My Scrap Diary ( Kristal is off getting some much needed R&R and me and the rest of her gals are very excited to be able to take over. Ok, in reality we are trying to overtake Kristal and run KAndrew Designs to our liking. Lol!! Kidding, kidding.

Ok so onto my words of wisdom for the day, hehehe. Yesterday, I went into a bit of panic mode after reading Amy’s  awesome post. I mean all the gals so far have done great and have given you all some words of wisdom. So I cracked a joke and and told them, “Ok, here comes the black sheep of the group. Watch out.” Lol. Of course these ladies are the sweetest gals ever and they quickly encouraged me to be myself, not to worry and I was chosen for a reason.

But in reality I do sometimes feel like the black sheep of the group. Why do you ask? Well because I consider myself a bonifide stamper now. I quickly became enamored with rubber and digi stamps soon after I discovered them and I have pretty much abandoned the green chirping monopoly machine. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love it (and my gypsy) but it isn’t the first thing that I turn to. I must admit I have become a bit of a cricut lazy bone.
Ok so because my DT Sisters encouraged me to create what was me, I went for it. Sorry ladies, no cricut project today but Im thinking there might be one tomorrow (wink, wink)

Today, Im bringing you Christmas in July with some sass and attitude…
I just love love this image. She has that look like, “Yeah this is me. Im a baddie. Im sweet cheeks. And Im the Best!” Lol, can you believe she says all that.
The sentiments all come from the Food for Thought set (benefiting the Storefront Shelter for Homeless Children foundation). This set is currently sold out but I’m certain that it will be restocked soon. Isn’t it great, who would have thought that a food set would be used for a Christmas item. That’s the best part of the mix and match sets. Love them!
If you want to see the inside of my project, get more info on my image and win a mini mini candy, then hop on over to my blog ( to check out the rest of my post.
Also, remember that the food challenge is currenty going on.
Make sure to return tomorrow (to my blog) for Operation OWL. Youll have a chance to win your own set of Amy Chomas pens and holder.

Thanks for reading this black sheep’s ramblings (lol). Ps. I almost forgot my words of the day, lol. “Be yourself. Love yourself. Never apologize for it”

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