Thursday, July 14, 2011

Featured Blogger: Diana L. with Tutorial & Giveaway!!

Diana Larsen

I am so honored to be a guest designer, especially for Kristal, when she asked me I thought, “Oh my, am I “feature worthy?” Then, I thought everyone has a story, so I will share a little bit about me. I am married to my wonderful Husband, we do not have children, but we have 23 nieces and nephews and a niece on the way (approx. October 20th) We live on the Central Coast in CA. I am an exhibiting Artist, the mediums I use are watercolor, acrylic, and sometimes I get crazy and use mixed media.  I serve on the board of Directors for the Santa Cruz Art League; we are a non-profit organization, and a vital part of our art community.
Now, onto my short-lived (so far), blog life. I started my Blog on Jan 1, 2011, within 24 hours, I had a follower, it was so exciting to have a blogger friend and within a month, I had 100

It was not so much how many friends or followers; it was how nice and helpful everyone was and still is.  I am literally in tears at some of the blogs I read, and others I am busting a gut laughing.  When I visit with Kristal, I know that there may be a sermon, and they always have a message to ponder, her writing is terrific and it just keeps me coming back for more.  I thought my blog would be more fine art when I started it, but it has evolved into something different all on its own.  I am still designing, but completely different than I thought it would be. I really feel blessed to know the bloggers that I do, each and everyone of you.  I have learned so much and cannot thank you enough for all the help you have all given me.

Without further ado, here is the project that I am submitting over here at Kristal’s blog. Also, leave a comment here and on my post for a chance to win.

I will be giving away K. Andrew Positive thought stamp set: Which is what I am using on the tutorial

This is what I started with 6- 2.6" and 3 -3” grayish, and 4 different colored girls.

I was not quite sure how this was going to unfold. I knew that I wanted it to say “in a sea of grey…. and then, use K. Andrew stamp “”go ahead and wear your rose tinted glasses”. This is from the positive thoughts set

I started playing around with the pictures and moving them around, Like I say this was an idea I had I just needed to move them around to see how it would all work out. I had thought of using an A7 card because I had so many girls. Then, I decide the idea would work better on an A2 4.25x5.5, it would look more closed in with all the gray images.

Once I had the people where I wanted them, then I needed to decide where the type would go.

 tried the Right top, Left bottom R. bottom; I decided right bottom would work best.

I printed “In a sea of Grey” in grey and then trimmed it down, I decided to go with the girl with the plaid rose tinted glasses, I thought that added more pizzazz.

I used the spots and dots embossing folder to give a little more interest and I used my homemade dimensional s to pop the colorful girl, up away from the grey crowd. To finalize it, I stamped the K. Andrew stamp on a small piece of paper (I have to add the stamps worked super) and then attached with the ATG tape gun. I used the imagine machine and the BEST FRIENDS cartridge. If you have paper doll cart you could do the same thing. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Please leave a comment on Kristal and my blog for a chance to win the stamp set.

Thank you so much Diana L--that is just soooo cute--i love it!!!! Please hop on over to Diana L's blog and visit her; she has so many great ideas--I know you will love seeing her blog!