Wednesday, July 13, 2011

He Knows Your Name

Good Morning, all my dear friends and readers. Today is a very hard day for me, but life is like that many days isn't it? We never know what test we might face, what news we might hear, and what obstacles we might face. I was delivered some devestating news yesterday morning, that almost took my breath away. I think I've cried more than I've blinked.
However, even thru devestation, there is joy. Thru tears yesterday, I could see my two young boys--their hearts hurting, but see THEM as people...the people they are growing into. Wonderful, brilliant, God-fearing boys. JOY
I wanted to share this song Name by Firelight with you today. It speaks of things I've been thru and am going thru in my life. Have you ever read the About Me tab at the top of my page? It's my little page of dust from the book of Life.
I know God holds me in His hands, and even thru immense pain, He sees me, He loves me, He is with me. I thank God that He is. It would be a very lonely existence. So even though my pain is great, my heart is breaking, and I feel numb--HE is with me. He knows the plans He has for me.
No matter what I've went thru or will go thru--He has been and will be with me. He has given me talent and plans for my life, that will NEVER be taken away. Unlike others who can take their love away from you, God will never say, well I'm just not in love with you anymore, I'm just not happy with you--so all those talents and plans I have for your life--yep I'm taking them away. NO God is always with ME--he has given me talents and GREAT plans--and he will NEVER take those blessings away--it's up to me to CLIMB out onto the LIMB to reach them.
Starting today, after a few more tears, I will wipe my tears away with my sleeve, and start climbing, though it may be a scary and bumpy climb--I will climb out onto that branch knowing God is with me.
If you are facing something sad or devestating--know that GOD is with You--He knows your name, your pain, your fears, your plight--and He is with you.
If you will today, say a prayer for me, and then say one for someone who may be going thru a sad time in their life. Prayers are like liquid medicine for the hurting soul. Then leave me a comment that tells a time you know that God held you. I'd love to hear them today.