Sunday, July 3, 2011

If Life Ain't Perfect, You Ain't Livin' Right: Simply Sunday Challenge

If Life Ain't Perfect.....
You Ain't Livin' Right...

Who believes that? I wanted to touch on the Life is Perfect dream. So many of us want our life to be perfect and really believe that we have not "arrived" until our life is what we desire. We often have grandiose delusions that my life "will be perfect when:

I get that great job
I have that perfect intimate relationsip
I get this machine, that supply
a certain social status
and so on....

Many live under the false belief that IF WE HAVE ARRIVED....and OUR LIFE IS PERFECT
we will have plenty of money, all the things we desire, the perfect mate, and that we will TRULY be HAPPY.

Many take it as a judgment of character. If you have "arrived" you are living right, God is blessing you, you are a magnificent person who has went thru all DESERVE the well deserved life.

I hate to be the "depressed r us" speaking to you today...but guess what?
A Charmed life has NOTHING to do with having excellent character. Did Jesus have a charmed life? Was he rich beyond measure?
Did he have magnificent relationships where everyone loved him, admired him, and sought him out because of his successes?
Did he enjoy the popularity and rank of high counselor? Did he cause envy because of his place in society?
Was he just the "cutest" or coolest guy out there? Did you see what Jesus was wearing today? Oh my goodness did you see that Jesus has the NEW and coveted craft machine that everyone wants?
Oh Yes you know it--Jesus is one of the "IT guys"--he has finally arrived...yes he is definitly the one who all respect and wish to be.

I dont think so.....
Jesus had friends and family underestimate him, turn their back on him, loathe him, detest him, bear false witness...
He was NOT wealthy--in fact he was born into an undesirable family with no wealth...
His career? A very usual one--that of a carpenter--it held no esteem or social desirability.
What kind of home did Jesus have? He didn't have a home as an adult, and traveled around with a lot of fisherman and other undesirables.
He was mocked and made fun of by the "high affluents"....he was definitly not at the top of the success ladder....
Jesus had his own friends turn their back on him, tell lies against him, turn him in for a few coins, betray him, DENY him--Oh I'm not friends with that Jesus....they didn't even come to his aid...Jesus was THREATENED, BEAT up, and eventually killed.

Who can say that Jesus had not arrived? Did Jesus not lead a "good life"?  Was he less of a person?

In fact, Jesus is our MODEL....yet I don't see many people looking up to those who suffer the same fates as Jesus. Was Jesus unhappy? Was Jesus less worthy?

Jesus was not modeled after man--man was modeled after him. Remember that--if you are popular, well loved, successful...guess what? That is only among man.

So remember today....that new clothes, new craft supplies, the admiration of others, a get away trip....none of those things will make you won't lead you a life that has finally "arrived".

For the things in this world, are mearly DUST. They will not matter at the end of time....
Who cares if you don't have the latest and greatest? Think the girls who have every craft supply, every bit of jewelry, gorgeous clothes, beautiful hair, nails and teeth, the ones who everyone admires..... are they truly happy? If so, is it really because of things made from DUST?

No.... no thing, person, or place can make you really happy. Guess what? You wont' always be happy--if you were it would be a delusion--just a distraction that you kept jumping from thing to thing, place to place, person to person to keep your mind from thinking of your true state.

Life is not easy...Life is not always fun, fruitful, easy, filled with treasures and things that make our "hearts leap" is often filled with hard times, devestation, sickness, trials....but we can find JOY in those times. JOY is within our relationship with Jesus is not in things of this world.

So yeah--you might never arrive--and even if you won't find TRUE happiness....only things that can distract you--and keep your mind busy.

True happiness comes from a spirit that is willing to learn, willing to serve, willing to chase after God and the learning experiences He has for us.

Just a thought today--If Life Aint' Perfect...then guess what? YOU are normal, and you are still in this game called Life....YOU can find joy--but there will be hard times--and it's OKAY to cry, be sad, be depressed, and realize life is hard...because it is...

There is NO arrival--there is only the journey--and how you choose to live your journey in this world.

By the do I know? Because I used to wait for my ship to come in....I thought my life would be perfect one day...I thought if I could just have this, or just do that, I would be happy...then I realized being happy is something that can NEVER be achieved and's a continual PURSUIT that doesn't come from things, places, or other people....but only within...and that my friends, is my continual struggle--praying, finding my way, looking to God for His lessons....because my final destination is not Cricut Top 40, Life as the next Martha Stewart, or any of the other's learning and living, touching others, and the LIFE beyond the grave--the one I have no understanding of...but can only hope to one day reach with my relationship with my Maker.. Jesus Christ.....
By the way--I haven't arrived....
I'm still a definite work in progress (a big old work of progress)
By the way I know delivering these type of messages will NOT make me popular, and might even turn some of you off--it's just part of God using me. I can't apologize for it.

Love to you all this Sunday....

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