Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NEW release: Sympathetic Sayings Stamp Set!!!

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to announce the preorder for a NEW release: Sympathetic Sayings. Many times while looking for positive sentiments to send to someone who is experiencing a sad time, I just couldn't find an elegant, positive sentiment. Well apparently many of you have been the SAME way...sending a sympathy card is a hard task!
I've jam-packed this stamp set with beautiful and uplifting sentiments for divorce, death of a loved one, miscarriage, loss of a pet, and more! There are sixteen perfect sentiments just the right size for cards, journaling, and more!
Guess what? Each stamp set you purchase goes toward a WORTHY charity organization. I research these well, and only give to ones that are not a hand-out but a way for good people to help themselves during bad times! This one is no different...
When you purchase the Sympathetic Sayings, you are not only aiding me and my two boys, but a fabulous charity called Camp Good Days & Special Times. This is a camp for children who have lost a parent or very close family member to cancer, death, or other life challenge. 86.4% of all the money raised goes to counseling and a happy camp time for these grieving children. I love Camp Good Days because they only have ONE paid employee!!! Losing someone is VERY hard--we all know that.
It's hard because even a divorce is like losing someone--children even go thru a despairing time--and to lose a parent forever is just devestating. I am proud to support this charity with me donating (I donate EVERY quarter--so I will be donating mid September to all charities) $1 from every stamp set to the Charity listed out of my profit. After all fees, I donate the full $1--so no money is lost, and is given to the people in need.
I hope this stamp set provides a good sentiment base for you to pull from when you have a friend or loved one going thru a VERY difficult time.
Thank you for  your love,  your support, and cheering me on with the design and sales of these stamps that go to a good purpose as well. May God bless you richly.
Want to check this stamp set out? Head over to K Andrew Designs and preorder now! They will be on their way to you within 2 weeks--in order received. I can't wait to see what beautiful & uplifting cards you make.
So no matter what life brings us--we can respond in a positive and loving manner. Love to you all--Kristal