Saturday, July 30, 2011

Starbucks Saturday: How to Gain More Followers & Blog Readers: Giveaway!

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Hi everyone--it's a beautiful morning...hmmmm...good to the last Coffee drop over here! I love coffee--and you will know that if you saw my newest release stamp set: Coffee & Tea For You & Me

 I am super excited to be with you here again on a beautiful Saturday! I didn't have any questions about blogs this past week, so I think I will go with something that I get asked alot....How do I get people to follow my blog???

Let me start off by saying, that you will have a large people visiting your blog to see what you have made, but they might not ever follow or leave a comment. Some people never will, some are short on time, and some don't want to take the time. So realize that only a about 10% of who visits your blog becomes a follower!

Five GREAT Tips to Increase Your Blog Followers
(more to come soon!)

*Tip ONE: Post frequently (once a day, every few days). The more you post, the more active your blog, and greater chance it has to be seen and picked up my search engines.

*Tip TWO: Write a Guest Post for another blogger. Why? This introduces you to another scope of readers who will come over and see your blog!!

*Tip THREE: Comment on other people's blogs. It's a nice thing to do, and others notice it! They will see your comment and come check out your blog!

*Tip FOUR: Try a Giveaway (This should be within your means, and only if you feel it will add to your blog of LOYAL followers--some people might follow, only to never come back or unfollow you after the prize is awarded. So this is not one I suggest to new bloggers--I do it because I enjoy it--you should only do this if you feel good about it.

*Tip FIVE: Make sure your Blogger Profile has a LINK to your blog in it. Many time s people will click on your profile to find your blog. If it's not listed--they move on. Not sure how to make sure it's on there? Here we go...

A. Head over to your Dashboard: Then Profile, then EDIT profile.

B. Now Show My Blogs, and click on Select Blogs to Display

Now make sure to CHECK the blog you want others to see. I have three due to the Design Team & Magazine I write for--my personal one is the one I should select. Then all you do is click save settings, and your blog is now under your Blogger Public Profile.

I have several emails thru the week asking questions about all types of bloggie things, pleas for advice on certain matters, and more! This is a great way for me to answer those questions so everyone may benefit. If you want me to answer any question, please shoot me an email to and don't worry if will be in total confidence unless you want me to share your can always sign keep this Anonymous--and don't worry... I will! I'll also share heartfelt messages here too!

Because I love you all so much (do you know I pray for you each day?)...I want to give one of you my fabulous readers a "Cuppa Coffee on ME--my little treat for you--a Gift Card to Starbucks or other place of your choice for your favorite cuppa joe or smoothie or other what-not! lol!


Okay who's ready for a cuppa joe on K? Leave me a comment sweet friends today!!!

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