Saturday, July 16, 2011

Starbucks Saturday!! Keepin' It Real & At the Top, Getting' Linky With it!

**Don't forget I have a DESIGN TEAM call going on and Blog HOP ***

Hi everyone--it's a beautiful Saturday here! I am super excited to be with you here again on a beautiful Saturday! I had a question from a blog reader who wanted to know:

*How do I get a post to stay at the top of my blog?

*How do I include an inside link??

I have several emails thru the week asking questions about all types of bloggie things, pleas for advice on certain matters, and more! This is a great way for me to answer those questions so everyone may benefit. If you want me to answer any question, please shoot me an email to and don't worry if will be in total confidence unless you want me to share your can always sign keep this Anonymous--and don't worry... I will! I'll also share heartfelt messages here too!

Because I love you all so much (do you know I pray for you each day?)...I want to give one of you my fabulous readers a "Cuppa Coffee on ME--my little treat for you--a Gift Card to Starbucks or other place of your choice for your favorite cuppa joe or smoothie or other what-not! lol!

Sometimes we just have an important post that needs to stay STICKY; that means it needs to stay at the top of our blog so others can find it easily!! So here we go!

Make a normal blog post, just like you would any other day! Then go into Posting: Edit Posts

NOW we need to make sure our readers know this topic is **STICKY** meaning it will remain at the top; so just put a blurb like I did. This will allow them to realize there are NEW posts below it and to scroll down!

Now scroll to the bottom of your posting editor; to where it says Post Options, click. Then you will go to SET DATE AND TIME! Now just put the new date you want (I put the ending date that I want my post to end). Click publish--and now you have a post that will remain at the top until the desired end date!!!

This is great for blog candy, announcements, and other messages that you don't want your readers to miss!!

READY for the Link Inside tutorial? Here we go!!

Now I know some of you are thinking well I already know this! Good! But did you know that inside linkings are KEY to your blog success? YEP search engines pick them up--so instead of just saying CLICK HERE you should put the tag you would like to be emphasized! For example, I put K Andrew Designs for my store!

Make a normal blog post, just like you would any other day! If you want to edit a post, click edit. If not, make a new post!

 NOW we just need to highlight the text we want to link up, then click LINK

Now this window will pop up. You will see text to display at the top; you should see what you highlighted!

Next just type in the website address you want this text to hyperlink to and press ok!

Okay who's ready for a cuppa joe on K? Leave me a comment sweet friends today!!!

THE WINNER for last Saturday's cup of Joe is.....#16

Jamie who said

Jamie email me with your mailing addy and preference of Dunkin', Starbucks, Or McD's!

I want to offer one of my followers (you guys are so awesome) a COFFEE on me! Just leave me a comment today, and I'll draw a winner next Saturday for the Gift Card. If  you don't have a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or Even McDonalds-they have all sorts of iced Coffee. You just let me know which one you want!!!

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