Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where in the WORLD has Kristal BEEN?

Hi everyone! I know you all think I have abandoned my blog and you--but I haven't. I've just been in a BAD place this side of the Mississippi? LOL!
I've been going thru a "rough patch" as my daddy likes to say, and well yeah I was wallowing in shock, hurt, and mourning! Then the LORD gave me a really hard pinch today and said good grief girl--don't you know that nothing happens without my knowledge? Just because something bad happened, doesn't mean I've taken away your talents, your future, or the blessings I have just waiting for you. He is right you know--even at the lowest....kind of hard to argue with the Lord.
I got to that low point--you know the kind when you just feel like giving up? yeah the dumb split second one, when you are sitting around crying, mourning the door closed? Then it hit me (like a rock)...I still have my love for life, my two amazing little men, my joy, and my spirit--oh yeah and my stamp line. The seed--the small gift--the chance....isn't that how faith blooms?..
So I wanted to remind you all--I'm here--I'm still going to be blogging, I'm still going to be selling my stamps, and having a design team! Yes I'm still taking applications for the DT too!

So if you haven't already--hop on over to my stamp store-K ANDREW DESIGNS-because all stamp sets are in stock and shipping! Even Amazing You will be here this week--so hop on over, and guess what? I'll ship them right out to you!

Thank you all for loving me, believing in me, and praying for me! I will see you guys back here Tuesday for a fantastic FEATURED blogger!!!!

Love to you all--and guess what? Things are going to be alright! I ain't gonna let the devil dance....and neither should you...cause when we do that he just sits up big and high and smiles. We can't let that happen. So no matter what you are facing...there is always a seed--just waiting to be planted, and Joy is there--even when the world is the darkest--that's when God is doing His work....
God is working the most.....when we see it the least...

Love to you all!