Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Featured Blogger: Nicolette with MUG Holder Caddy Tutorial: GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi Everyone, 

First of all, I want to thank Kristal for letting me be a featured blogger on her blog today.

I have been involved in crafting since I was a little tike. My Mom has

a passion for anything crafty, and now here I am right along side of her.

I started out as Stampin Up Hobbyist over 9 years ago, but over the

past few years we are turning it into a business.

Really enjoy posting new creations on my blog. I blog about all kinds of diffrent craft items. From sewing,

to paper crafts. Just a Varity of different items.


I do about 6 Craft Fairs a year. This year I am holding our 1st Fall/ Harvest craft fair.

in September, and another in November.

I look forward to being creative with all of you

Who doesn't like to be organized, keep everything in one place with this adorable fabric Mug Hugger, wraps around a standard mug. Keep all of your, " Can't find goodies in one place. Great for scrapbookers, paper, craft supplies, quilters. Great for gift giving. Add, paper craft supplies, for your cropping budd, someone's birthday. This lil cutie is 2 gifts in one. Mug not included. Awesome, friendly priced gift for the upcoming holidays.
$ 4.00 each.
S/h not included
Allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

To order yours E-mail Nicolette beyondscrapin@gmail.com

WOW! That was really cool Nicolette. I am so excited you sent me the CUTEST mug hugger with my favorite thing: OWLS!!! eeek--look at see my video showing how you USE this adorable mug hugger and see my OWL one too! Thank you Nicolette for sending me this--it totally brightened my day! I don't see how you are making a DIME on this selling these for 4.00--they are SO well made. I've already filled mine with pens, copics, and my scissors! LOVE it my friend--thank you!!!!!

***GIVEAWAY!! Nicolette will make a special mug hugger for ONE Of my fabulous Followers & Friends! All you have to do is LEAVE me a comment telling me ONE good thing you are expecting to happen in your life. God says the first step in receiving a good thing is to BELIEVE it in your heart,  and PROFESS it with your mouth!***
Don't forget to hop over and see Nicolette at her blog Beyond Scrappin--because I am sure she has lots of fun goodies & more huggies over there!!!

Love to each of you! I'm so excited about the blessings that God has for you--did you know that I pray God shows each of my followers and friends His favor? Well I do! So expect good things! Today is going to be a GOOD day--so THANK GOD for the good things He is doing in your life and is going to do!