Friday, August 5, 2011

Freebie Friday!!! 3D Basket

Yay! It's back...Freebie Friday! I want everyone to know that I went thru a cross country moved that involved me leaving everything but a few clothes and my stamps. That's it. So that's why you haven't seen
any crafty projects from me or Friday Freebies, etc. Because I'm starting all over from square one. However, good things are going to come from this life change...they have to. God doesn't allow a storm to conquer us if we stand firm and walk in faith!!!
So....let's get on to the Friday Freebie! It comes in all formats (AI, EPS, SVG, KNK, GSD, WPC) woot woot! Now with this basket--it's tricky. You have to pull the outside edges all the way together till they meet and kind of turn outward; then you punch a hole and tie with ribbon to keep it closed! Great for storing little supplies and even fun goodies!!

Just click below to download and enjoy on your cutting machine!
 Click HERE to download (the template guide for directions is also included with the pic and file extensions)

If you enjoyed me sharing this freebie--please remember to follow my blog and leave me a comment! I'd love to have the feedback, and do this again!!!

Much love to you all--and prayers, Kristal