Thursday, September 15, 2011

Featured blogger Thursday ~

Howdy gang!  Faith here from Faithfule Creations!  Long before I was selected to be on the Getting Cricky Design Team, I was asked to be a guest blogger.  Kristal and I weren't able to get it arranged before the DT Call came and then I applied and was chosen for that and so here I am now as a guest designer here at Getting Cricky.  YAY!  Thanks for the honor and privilege of being a guest designer as well Kristal.  I appreciate you more than you know.
As you, Kristal's loyal readers know, she recently released 3 new stamp sets.  My favorite of the newest release is Scripture Sayings.  I made this card with myself in mind.  I am really going through a refiner's finer right now and needed this reminder more than ever before.
Indeed it is true...blessed are those who persevere.  Life is pretty dark and gray sometimes isn't it?  I am so grateful for this promise that I will be blessed if I persevere.  It is little tender mercies like this that allow me to face each day...moment by moment or sometimes minute by minute.  I choose to persevere, despite how difficult doing so has now become.
For this project I used mainly pieces from my scrap boxes of ribbon and paper.  The paper that is used as a background though comes from the Glam Girl stack from's my favorite stack ever.  I have 12 of family thinks I'm crazy but what if I use it all up and can't get anymore anytime soon right?!?!?  Is it hoarding still if you actually USE your stuff and know exactly what you is...ok then I will admit it...I am a paper hoarder.  A proud one at that.
In addition to scraps of ribbon and paper, I used my Grand Calibur and Spellbinders.  My eCraft is currently out of how I miss it.  C'mon new power cord hurry up and get here already sheesh!  Anyway....  I think the sets I used were classic circles small and heart circles.  I also used a border die but I forget what it's called right now and can't easily look it up.  I started with a standard card base then cut about an inch and a half off the front of the card, added the spellbinder border, and matted the inside of the card with a white standard 5.25 by 4 inch piece.  The mat on the front is 5.25 by 3, the bow was tied using my hideously ugly bow board and adhered using a piece of lavender
velvety ribbon.  The sentiment comes from Scripture's so incredible.  If you havent' see it, check it out:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="327" caption="Scripture Sayings"]
I can't wait for you to see what we, the DT, have in store for you tomorrow for the monthly blog hop.  I personally am taking stamping somewhere I've NEVER seen it go since I started reading crafty blogs!  I do hope you'll come back tomorrow and check it out!  Thank you Kristal for the opportunity to be a guest blogger.  I can't wait to do it again sometime!

Thank you faith for that lovely card .. its stunning and I can't wait to see your blog hop posting! If You would like to be a FEATURED BLOGGER for our gettingcricky blog send me an email @ ( ) :-) What do you need to do you ask ? Well just mainly have a blog and be using any our fabulous stamp sets. So why wait ? It's a super way to get your blog noticed and make new Blogger friends. Go ahead and contact me ( scrappingmamma ) Have a Lovely day my friends and be sure to leave some love. We ( the GC team ) will be having a blog hop on Friday. I do hope to see y'all then.
Deborah ~ gcdt