Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tutorial: Candy Crayons: Who wants to EAT some crayons!!!!

Candy Crayons

WHO IS A CRAYON EATER? Fess up...who liked to eat crayons when they were little? what about glue? hahah! Okay I must confess I never liked the taste of wax or glue...but I do love these crayons! These crayons are soooo yummy! These crayons are pretzels that are dipped in colored chocolate & wrapped up in lovely paper wrappers!
Okay now...admit it...who wants to eat some crayons, now? lol! (hand raised--waving in air).  Pick me, Pick me!!!

TONS of crayons for my little ones classes! I can't wait to see what the kids think when my little one passes these out..Wait you mean we can EAT these crayons? WHAT?

I found this yummy creation on The Gourmet Mom--and just fell in LOVE with them! She even has printable wrappers of all kinds! You can print these off on colored paper, and they are customizable! eeeek--does it get any better than this??

Jonas birthday is this week on the 21' I wanted to make some SUPER cute little snack bags for him to pass out to his class...and for his class treat I'm making cupcakes that look like apples--eeek--that's going to be soooo fun!!!

What do you need to make turn your kids into Crayon Eaters?

1. Pretzel Rods
2. White Chocolate
3. Food Coloring
4. Shortening
5. Colored paper, templates, printer

Directions: Break pretzel rods in half. Melt 1 cup of white chocolate chips for 1 minute; stir in food coloring. If chocolate becomes too stiff, you may a little shortening in--or reheat for 15 seconds at a time. Dip pretzels into the chocolate (only the ends). Put on waxed paper to cool. After cooling in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, then wrap pretzels in the colored wrapper.
I even made a video below!

So what do you think? Ready to eat some Crayons.....