Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where is Kristal???

Hey guys--I wanted to let you all know why I've been a little slack here lately at the blog--as you know I went thru a major life change & move a few months ago--and most recently....
I've been designing a BRAND new line of stamps--that include IMAGES and artwork--and some more goodies that hopefully will be released in November! So I've been designing like a MAD woman so I can have everything ready to go by November 1'st!!!!
I also have a heart procedure in Orlando FL for my oldest Jasper who is 11--this upcoming week--so that's been crazy--getting ready for it.
Then the next week, I will be in Lousiana as a GUEST speaker for Women of Faith and then teaching a scrapbooking class at a great store there called CREATE 365!!! So it's just been a maddening month!!!
I am adding designers to my team to help me with my newest line of stamps (I can't wait to SHARE those wiht you soon) and then some upcoming products within the next year (there is ALOT of behind the scenes work that goes on!!!)
So I'm HERE--just mad working to bring you NEW things coming up soon!!!!

Love Kristal