Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial Time

Hello! And welcome to this Tuesday's edition of the Getting Cricky Tuesday Tutorial.  This week we are featuring an amazing picture tutorial by another one of our Junior Design Team members.  The fabulously talented Heather Everson from Heather's Crafty Blog Space.  Our Junior Design Team sure has brought their A-game to the team.  I know you will want to visit Heather's blog often after seeing this...
Ready, set...GO!!!!!!!!!!
 I am excited to share with you a diaper cake creation! I have been making diaper cakes for about 4 years now and love to give them for baby gifts. They also make the perfect baby shower decoration. Today is a basic how to on putting together a diaper cake. I know it is a little different then the normal tutorial we do here on Getting Cricky but I wanted to show you that you can use Kristal's stamps for anything and everything!
So lets get started!!!

Materials needed
about 50 diapers (I use newborn diapers but the bigger you go on size the less you will need)
Rubber band (EXTRA LARGE)
Charms or other decorations you wish to use

These are the charms I made... I used Christmas cheer Cricut Cartridge and I cut them at 2". I used Kristal's Food for Thought Stamp Set to decorate the charms. 

To start off I take one diaper and roll
I make it tight (this will be my center to start from)
I place a small rubber band around it.
Then I start rolling diapers around it. I place a rubber band around the diapers once I have a good start. This holds the diapers in place. I use 28 diapers to create the base of the cake. I continue to wrap the diapers around until I have something that looks like this...
This is now the base of the cake. Some people take and wrap each individual diaper and place a small rubber band around it. And then bunch them together in one large rubber band. I have done this technique and it does look nice the only problem is then the new parent has to unwrap all of them before they can use them...
For the next step I take a bottle and a I start wrapping around the bottle. You can also do this with a diaper again if you like. I like to use something like a diaper or baby shampoo or something the parent can use. (not that they can't use a diaper)
I start off with just a few around the bottle...
I wrap until my hand can not fit around it and then place a rubber band around the diapers and start putting more in. I use around 20 diapers for the top portion of the cake.

Once I have completed the diapers around the bottle I add it to my original layer of diapers.
To make sure they connect I push the bottle down just a tad so it will stay in place and connect the top and bottom of the diaper cake.
I add ribbon because rubber bands are so not pretty! And of course ribbon adds flare to any project!! :)
I place the ribbon on both the top and bottom of the diaper cake. I secure the ribbon with my hot glue gun.

 You can use anything to decorate the cake. I have used blankets, clothes, first aid kit, pacifiers etc. Today I chose to make it simple. I took and created some charms using my cricut and placed ribbon through them to attach them to the cake. The charms are decorated with Kristal's stamp set Food for Thought. This just shows you how easy to use and versatile the stamps really are! They made the cake perfect! Here is a close up of the charms....

I attached the charms to the ribbon and wrapped the ribbon around the cake (securing it in back with hot glue)  and here is the finish project!
I hope you enjoyed learning the process of the diaper cake! It really is easy!!  I have others posted on my blog if you have a second to take a look. I was even crazy enough to make a tricycle last year!
Thanks for checking out the Tuesday Tutorial! Have a great week y'all!
Heather, thank you for creating such a fabulous tutorial.  What a great gift to give a new parent.  I love that you didn't individually roll the diapers to make it easier for Mom and Dad to use as well!  Be sure you join us next week for another amazing tutorial and don't forget to check out Heather's Blog and leave her some bloggie love!