Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bottle Cap Charms - Your Tuesday Tutorial

Merry after Christmas and an early happy New Year to everyone.  Faith here taking over Kristal's blog again to bring you another installment of our Tuesday Tutorial series...albeit extremely late.  I'd blame my sleepiness on large amounts of tryptophan consumption, but we had ham and not turkey so that probably won't work.

At any rate, my good friend Sherry from Up Or Down They're Beautiful is back again with a fun tutorial showing you how to make your own bottle cap charms.  I've watched this video three times already myself...it's THAT awesome!!!!  I hope you enjoy it.

Please take a moment to visit Sherry's blog and check out more of her amazing work.  Also, please feel free to leave us some love here at Getting Cricky and let us know what you think of our Tuesday Tutorial slot!

I hope you are all busy playing with the new toys Santa brought you and wish you all the best in the New Year!!!!