Sunday, April 1, 2012

Design Team Announcement!

Hello everyone! It's a BUSY Sunday night here in the Andrew household...I've been scouring thru all of the DT applications, and since I've moved, taken a job as a 4'th grade teacher, moved into a new old house, it's been CRAZY mad!!!
I am excited that school is almost finished, and I can get back to my video making! I finally have my craft room set up--but I dont' care for the upstairs location--so I'm going to be working on moving that too!
Okay here is the DT selection for this term. It was VERY hard to let some of my faithful DT members go, but having 35 DT was time to let some new people have a go..and trim back just a bit till school is out.
I will be having a NEW DT announcement in June for July-September. Please realize that when you use my stamps and are active here, it catches my eye--whether you are a brillaint mad talented crafter or not--and that really helps me to know you as a person...especially when I receive HUNDREDS of DT applicants. So if you are interested in being a DT member with me and getting free stamps, and lots of love...then please tag me on facebook, email me links to your blog post using my stamps, and stay active over here.
DT members that will serve till July 1'st:

Amy Voltz
Lisa Fish
Shawn Mosch
Deb Crowder
Gloria Sleeper
Patti Ross
Heather Everson
Miranda Enclade
Abigail Prado
Diana Martin
Claire Rambo
Patricia Carillo
Christel Bonner
Jessie Sugarlips
Debbie Wilson
Jennie Dewar

Love to you all!
PS I'd like to do a GUEST DT call, along with a challenge. Look for that coming soon!

Cricky Smooches!