Monday, April 30, 2012

From Kristal: Dying To Meet You...a Little Hope

Let Your Heart Take Flight by K Andrew
Inspiration: A Book (Dying to Meet You)

Materials: Winged Flight stamp set (K Andrew Designs), Heritage Lace, Stamped Girl Image, White Crinkle Ribbon, Paper Flower, Sequin Flower (Creative Charms), Bling (Creative Charms), Ink (Memento & ColorBox)

HI everyone..I'm sitting here on a school night, finally with a little bit of time to myself, after putting my boys to bed. All is quiet, and I thought I would take the chance to post a collage I made this weekend after reading a book called "I'm Dying to Meet You" by Kate Klise. This is a children's book. This is the book--it's delightful!

I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE books--I devour them like a dessert! I can read quickly and my bed is filled with a stack of books instead of a husband! At one time I did have one of those, but I don't seem to keep one of those too well..but a book? Ahhh...they never let you can read one and it's like a very close friend...and you get to decide when to read it, when to lay it down, and when the story is over....sometimes a story never really leaves you...because it touched a part of your soul and heart...and we carry it with us always..
This is one of those books...I happen to pick it up, and being a children's book, it was quite easy and quick to read..however it is a wonderful them about starting over, not seeing with your eyes...but instead your love can come from unlikely places--and not just romantic love--a true love that extends to everyone around us...and about endings and beginnings...they are one in the same...
With this said, swing by the library and pick it up and read it. It will take you an hour at the most...
My Collaged Card

I hope you enjoy my project for tonight, and hope that you will remember what a great friend a book is, and that you will write your own story in your own heart, but also on the heart of those you love. That you will be "mindful" and live in the moment. So often we are not living in the present moment..our minds are everywhere (at work, on an email, on problems, millions of ideas, thoughts running thru our head) and therefore we are ABSENT from our own lives. It's quite easy to do in today's world...everything is quite busy...because we are connected all the time with a cell phone, a computer, a telephone and with everyone around the world...but what is missing is communication within a family...communication between partners, between parent and child, and family.
"And so, we end with a beginning. Because every ending is really a beginning. All you need is a house that's old and creaky (boy do I have one!)

 It is a growing problem...we are so connected with everyone around us but disconnected from our own present life. I encourage you to be MINDFUL today...mindful in your thoughts--are you noticing your environment as you are walking? Or are you just rushing through thinking many thoughts, and can't even remember how you got to work or to the next office? Are you really compassionately listening to the person speaking to you? Or are you thinking of your next sentence and spitting out words that really are not truly helpful to the other person? Are you mindful of the words that come out of your only speak words that are absolutely necessary? Or are you saying every thought that comes to your mind?
"Filled with lots of books...a cat..." (I have both of these!)

I know that I have been guilty of being completely NON present in my life and thoughtless in my actions and words. It has taken me months of meditation, prayer, and practice to still myself long enough to practice compassionate listening (listening ONLY to understand the suffering of another person--not to give practice vows of silence (communicating only when necessary), and to not get caught up in my "dream" but instead to focus on the present moment...
"A person who's willing to try again...someone who promises to never leave..and most important of all..."

I wish each of you to let your HEART take still your mind, and to love deeply in the PRESENT moment.

"A little hope. The End...or is it?"

I would love to hear about your weekend, your thoughts today. You are valuable to me, and I cherish the ability to write to you and reach out to you each day. It is a privilege that you read my blog, use my stamps, and share your dreams, your artwork, and your life with me.THANK YOU. I recognize the beauty of you reading my blog and sharing your life with me. It is an honor and privilege.

Love to each of you,