Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter...hopping thru Easter Memorys..Giveaway!

Hello all my sweet bloggie friends! I just wanted to wish you ALL a Very Happy Easter! I am so blessed to have two amazing little men...tomorrow they are gearing up for our Easter dinner with my parents and big Easter hunt with their nieces...guess who gets to hide the eggs?

You guys say a prayer for me--that I can REMEMBER where I hide them all! lol!!! Now I want to know what is your favorite MEMORY of Easter?

I'd like to do a EASTER giveaway...for all my awesome bloggie friends!
All you have to do is leave me a comment! Easy peasy! I'd also love it if you followed my blog, grabbed a blinkie, and shared this giveaway on Facebook, your blog, Twitter, or anywhere else you think someone might like. I love to make new bloggie friends!

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Everyone who orders today is going to get a little bonus surprise in their order just as an Easter Blessing!

Love you all...PS I would love to know YOUR favorite Easter memory....
Mine is the Easter I was TEN years old...we were staying at our little cabin in the woods at the "Camp"...and it was a tiny cramped trailer..I'm not sure why we spent Easter there but we did...we woke up to find a trail of bunny was the most magical Easter I remember...the flour dispenser had been "knocked" over and the bunny hopped all thru it...It was pure magic...I still remember it every year!!!