Saturday, May 5, 2012

HUGE giveaway! 500 Wobbles!!!

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Hi everyone! I have some really fun news for you! I have discovered the Action Wobbles too! They basically make your project 3d--and literally "spring" to life!
I just absolutely LOVE them! celebrate Spring...and my fabulous friends on my blog...I want to give away...
500 of these Wobbles! YES 500!!!! This is a super cool way for me to share them with you!
I don't know if we will split them up into 100's, 50's, or 25's....
What do you think? We will do this giveaway in the beginning of May!


Okay ready to WIN some Wobbles? Here's how:

1. Follow this blog if you will (One Entry)
2. Leave me a comment saying why you would like to win these (One Entry)
3. Enter a project with a wobble under the Linky tool (TWO Entries)
4. SHARE this on your Facebook with a link to my blog (One Entry)
5. SHARE this on your Twitter with a link to my blog (One Entry)
6. SHARE this on your blog with a link to my blog (One Entry)
7. Post my blinkie on your blog! (Two Entries)

Hope your day is great!!!