Friday, April 13, 2012

Project: Coffee Wallhanging plus 2 awesome GIVEAWAYS!!!!

Hi everyone! I have a really great friend that God sent me and let me tell you he is pretty amazing! My boys love him, we have so much in common, we laugh, we love the same things, we talk for hours upon hours, and he is just really kind to me and the boys. It's great! He's great! So I want to let you know a little about this "hot" guy...
First of all we met 6 months ago at Starbucks of all places!!! I saw him get off his motorcycle and he saw me...we ended up talking for almost two hours over a Frappucino...I figured if I can converse freely upon a chance meeting for almost two's worth a friendship...boy was I right!

*He is very spiritual like me...and he believes in the power of doing good...being who you are...and meeting people where they are at...

*His bookshelf is as big as mine--filled with all the same type of books I like to read..and some new ones he introduced me to... (Sylvia Brown, Osho, Deepak Chopra, Ruiz, and the list goes still my heart!)....

*He volunteers in my classroom and with children who are wards of the state

*He is mad funny--he makes me laugh every-day!

*He loves to travel, eat Thai food, and gets my love of helping a matter of fact, he listens to my grand plans for my classroom and saving the world without a yawn or hint of fact, he gives wings to my ideas!

*He thinks connecting with my bloggers is awesome, and says friendship is food for the soul...

*He is 51, a dedicated father to two brilliant amazing boys (19, and 21), loves animals (he even buys big 25 lb bags of cat food so I can feed all the stray cats in the neighborhood)

But most of all...he is just a beautiful person inside and out and he likes me just the way I am.

Yesterday..he was having one of those "off" days...and I thought he needed a bit cheering, and reminding of how amazing he is!

So I had about 20 minutes while the boys were taking a break from homework, so I ran up to my craft room and popped out a VERY quick project.

I grabbed two mix and match stamp sets: my Coffee Tea & Treats Tag-a-Long set, and my Amazing You stamp set. I also used my Yummy Cricut Imagine Cartridge, since it was in the machine, and I grabbed a Basic Grey 8x8 paper pad...and I was ready to go!
I just need to add the brown ribbon to the back of this matboard, and it will be ready to hang up wherever he wants (he says it's going to work--hahahah).
PS the coffee wobbles--hahaha!

What do you guys think? Be's the first project I've made in 9 months!!! It looks a bit crooked--but it's actually perfectly square--I just didn't have a good way to photograph it yet (I tell you this working on the fly is rough--lol)

You are so...Hot!! by K Andrew
Supplies: Amazing You stamp set, Coffee Tea & Treats stamp set, Yummy Cricut Imagine Cartridge, Basic Grey Paper, Creative Charms Bling & Flower, Cake Ribbon by Renaissance Ribbons, Lavender Bakers Twine, Chalk Inks

Isn't it great we can grab our crafty supplies and a bit of joy to someone's day by creating a quick handmade gift that lets people know we care? In today's world, email and text messaging rules--people rarely receive anything hand-made...because most people just dont' have the time. So receiving a hand-made card is a special treat that says...I'm present in your life..I stopped..I took the time to make something just for you!
Leave me a comment, because I want to GIVE one of you my Coffee Tea & Treats stamp set--plus a Starbucks Gift Card--how easy is that? Are you breathing? Are you able to type? Then you are "in".
Hope your Friday is absolutely FANTASTIC!
My plans are to attend a Literacy Workshop on Saturday and then to go out with my special friend Tony to a great live music and dinner. We love to ride his's a real treat to ride it down near the bay, eat seafood by the water, and listen to live beach music. His friend is a musician who is it's going to be a great time!


What are your plans for this weekend? Leave me a comment...who might just WIN the Coffee & Tea Treats Stamp set & a Starbucks Gift Card....yay-uh...does it get any "sweeter"......
PS I'd love for you to follow my blog--and I'll follow yours!