Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gumball Machine Tutorial

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I am SO excited to bring you our FIRST Guest Designer....Amanda Clapper--she has the SWEETEST project for you today! I can't wait to make some of these for my boys this summer and my class! They would LOVE these--Awesome idea Amanda!!!!
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Hi Everybody! Its Amanda from Crick'tn Crafts I am super excited to have been chosen to do a tutorial this week! So first I would like to thank Kristal for the awesome opportunity to do this! And I have to be honest I did not come up with the idea for this project ; but after creating my first few I thought I would show you a tutorial on how I did it that way maybe I could help you by showing you what I did to make them different :)

Gumball Machine 
So.. What you will need for this project is: 
1 Small Terra Cotta pot 2 1/2" (Base) 
1 Terra Cotta Saucer is 3 1/2" (top) 
The glass bowl is an ivy bowl that is 4 1/4" tall and the opening is 2 1/2" 
1 Knob 1/4" (handle) 
Any Cut you would like for the tag (i used a pacifier cut from the Cricut Cart Baby Steps) 
K Andrew Designs Stamps (I used Owly Hoo Sentiments and Sweet Wishes Bonus Set)
Super Glue (I used Quick Grip because hot glue wont hold up)
Terra Cotta Paint in any color you would like ( I used yellow and mixed a little white to make it softer)
Foam Brush or a paint brush 
1 Can clear coat spray paint (glossy or matte)
Any Ribbon you would like.
See below for my ingredients :) 

So for the first step to prepare you terra cotta just brush it off to make sure you don't have any dust on them so your paint doesn't look rough.
Then Paint your Pot and Saucer and Knob and allow to let dry completely 
(some lighter colors will need multiple coats... I have done some in pink and black and they only needed one coat but the yellow needed 3 coats to cover evenly) 
After you have all of your coats on and they are completely dry ; you will just need to do 1 coat of clear spray paint to seal your paint. I used a Semi-Gloss so that it was a little shiny

So after your clear coat dries and is no longer tacky; get your glass bowl and remove all the stickers from it (usually the UPC on the bottom).
Then take your terra cotta pot and turn it upside down so that the opening is facing your table and put some glue around the edge of what now is the top of your pot.
Place your glass bowl on top of that and allow your glue to dry completely. 
The quick grip glue that I am using usually takes a few hours for it to be completely dry so that the glass doesn't pop off the pot. 
While that is drying glue the knob to the top of your saucer and also allow that to dry completely so that you can pick it up using the knob. 

While your glue is drying cut your tag and stamp it with your 
K Andrew Design Stamps :) 
And If you would like to make it glossy you could always add a layer of Glossy accents to it to make it a little stiffer and shiny like a charm. 
Now that your charm is done and your glue is dried all you have to do tie some ribbon around where your glass bowl and pot meet; then simply fill it up with whatever you would like to fill it up with and put your lid on it and Enjoy :) 

Hope you all found this helpful and If you choose to make one I hope you enjoy! 
So now I want to show you the preview of the stamps that I used  :) 

K Andrew Designs

 Enjoy and have a WONDERFUL day!!