Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Winner! Hooray!! It's an EGG-straordinary life!

Hello all my sweet friends! I have finally chosen our FIRST GUEST DESIGNER and winner of your choice stamp set....Crafty Girl 21...Jamie M. Here is her submission..isn't this just the cutest treat ever? I LOVED how Jamie used my stamp set Food for Thought...very creative!!
Jamie will be our first Guest Designer, and if she's interested be looked at for Official Design Team member in June. She will design a special project for you and have her pick of ANY of my stamp sets of her choice!
Congratulations Jamie! I can't wait to see what you make!

By the way..her adorable project reminds me that LIFE is sooooo comes with lots of surprises...bumps..cracks along the way...and man is it tough cracking out of that shell...but once we's light and love waiting to meet us. Just remember that when you are having one of those tough to crack's dark in the shell, cramped...and man it's hard as anything to peck your way out..but guess what? You always make it out--and it's light and's so beautiful--you can breathe...everything is righ with the world...ONCE you make it out. You can make it out, you WILL make it out, and it is your destiny to make your way a beautiful new beginning. Remember that.
Write it on your heart. Leave me a comment. I'm going to give one sweet commenter a free mini stamp set--love you all!

Keep On Pecking!