Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday...Monday...Dreamin' Away...

HI everyone! It's a marvelous maddening Monday! Everytime I think of Monday, I think of the Mama and Papas!! I am an old soul and this has been one of my favorites since I was a young child. My parents definitly were key in my ear, as I don't think we listened to any thing "new". I am a definite hippy!  PS I love Mama Cass because she doesn't fit the typical "beautiful chic" mold-and I thought of her as one uber cool chick--just goes to show that BEAUTY is in your attitude!

Just to prove my point...I am looking for a home to purchase...well one day I just saw my realtor sent me an email that said int he subject line..."Chicken Homes" hahahah!
It's very important that I find an older home that has character (aka one I can afford) and that allows gardening and chickens as I want to raise my own chickens and my pet pig, compost, grow my own vegetables (I use my parent's garden now) and the like. My realtor has now told me..."we need to find you a country home" hahahah!
Here is a photo of What I'm sure you would see if you drove up to the front OUTside of my home (maybe that's why he thinks he needs to stick me in the woods!@!! bwahahahaha)
So my dream is to find an old home that is VERY affordable (yes we are talking VERY CHEAP) and renovate it to me something the boys and I love. I must have clothesline space (as I try not to use a dryer for green purposes)..
Here is a photo of what I'm sure you would see INSIDE my home (yes I'm a total dreamer who collects happy photos so one day I can just unleash the rainbow when it's MY home) bedhroom in my rental home looks very close to this, but no canopy as no nailing/restructuring!

So with my dreams in hand, on this Monday...Monday...I'm excited to introduce you to my friend Rhonda Miller who has been with me A VERY long time and was probably one of my first followers! Rhonda is a true Stamper~ and she makes the simplest and sweetest cards!

This is Rhondah from Rhonda's Place to Share.  I'm so excited to be here sharing some of my creations using the fabulous Splashtastic Summer set.  You can find this set along with all the other fantastic K Andrew Design sets here in Kristal's store.

I have been having so much fun with this set and have so many other ideas to use it for.  Here are some fun summery cards I made using sentiments from this set.


The next 2 are kind of the same.  I decided it was better to go ahead and use all the strips of paper that needed to be cut for the sunburst pattern and made 2 cards.


WOW! Rhonda I love you! Thank you for making my dreams come true by loving and using my stamps. Your support helps fuel my dreams and support my two boys! So we are DEEPLY in gratitude because you guys feed us! Thanks sooo much! We love you all and send you infinite love and gratitude!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday---and dream some today-it's good for your soul...dream and do something silly...with your kids...your partner..or even by can't get time back...but you can ALWAYS dream and then take steps toward them! I am planning on it!!!! Now off to look at these chicken homes......