Sunday, June 3, 2012

Personal Rambling: Spirit Talk, Winners, Sneak Peek!

Hi everyone! This is a TOTALLY non-crafty post today so if you are totally bored out of your on...if you are ONLY looking for crafty--scroll down to the Simply Sunday!
I had felt really led to share some spirit heart to heart talks with you as of late because of my personal life journey and all of the emails I get from you! So many of you ask how I deal with bad things, and asking for I thought we would give this a whirl!
First off for those who only want to hear the "crafty news" are the WINNERS!
Stamp set of choice is #39 on this blog post:
Baker's Twine is #71 from this blog post:
Scrappin' Easelette is #1 from this blog post:
If these winners are you..then you have ONE week to email me with your full name and mailing address, item one. All blog candy will go out July 1'st!
All recent blog candy from late April and May will be going out Monday and Tuesday of this week, as I try to pack up blog candy first weekend of each month!

I created a NEW batch of stamps that are now in the store for pre-order..on the 3'rd Friday of this month, we will do a Ustream to kick off the NEW stamps! PS yes there are NEW stamps you've never seen and they are in the store if you want to head over and get your pre-order in first! heehee
However, I created a FREE bonus set this time for any one who buys 25.00 or more this month.. You don't have to do a thing but spend $25 or more at my store K Andrew Designs, and I'll send it to you in a super cute bag! It's a VERY near dear to my heart called Namaste. I wanted to share an absolutely BEAUTIFUL card that Lisa of Mermaid's Crafts made using the Namaste stamp. This stamp has 4 stamps: Namaste, the verse, We are one, and the frame!

What is Namaste? It basically is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. Which has real meaning for me.

Isn't her card just beautiful? It sings to my soul!
Okay still here? Want to learn about Compassionate Listening? Some heart to heart rambling? Click on the video below. Let me know if you love this or hate it!

Love you all and sending EACH of you beautiful adventures in your life's journey...light & love....