Monday, July 9, 2012

Go ahead, BE a SUPER WOMAN--personal--Giveaway

I AM Superwoman! YOU are Superwoman!
KNOCK out anything YOU don't like!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing fabulous! This is just a personal post while I'm on vacation. I'm borrowing the hotel's wi-fi (how's that for going green? bwahahaha) and thought I would just write a blog post to all my super sweet girls out there who are struggling to make it, to push thru another know every where you're turning...everything seems to just be another "opportunity for self-growth"...the defining moments that make us WOMEN....and make you wonder how big your shoulders really much you can really take...YES you are a SUPER woman...a mother...a single mother...a daughter taking care of her aging mother who may be losing her mind and memory...or losing her are a sister who lends that ear to listen to friends and family in need...praying and sending those wonderful vibes out to the universe on behalf of those so in need...but does anyone know you under your clothes..under your skin? YES...we are all connected...we women are bound together by beautiful invisible threads...there is NO one that knows how WE feel except another Woman...some times it feels that we are alone...and YES we are...but who better to have on OUR side than OURSELVES? We are STRONG....We are SUPER...and you know what? WE CAN MAKE IT!!! I was really thinking about how much of our HEART we give away...sometimes WHEN we feel's not even's not even YOUR pain...we as women are EMPATHETIC...we take on other's pains and worries...did you know that? ASK yourself when your body aches, your head thunders....your mind is whirling...your heart is this MINE? Do I own this? Then close your eyes and ask God to SEND this right back to the source it came from because you are not claiming it. DO it! ALL of us SISTERS need to come together, and say YES I CAN make it...YES I am independent...I don't NEED anyone's charity/pity...I CHOOSE to be happy.... I can FLY...because I AM SUPERWOMAN!!!! Love you all! PS I miss my fun giveaways--and was reading thru my emails at all the thank yous from so many women whose entire day was lifted knowing they were receiving a gift in the mail...something just for them... SO LEAVE me a comment. You MUST start it with.... "I am a SUPER woman and today I will....."

GIVEAWAY: Let's do a GIVEAWAY of an entire roll of 100 YARDS of Baker's TWINE in your color choice! LOVE your Sister Kristal

PS WANT TO BE INSPIRED? Want to remember WE ARE ALL CONNECTED? EVERY WOMAN on this planet? Watch this video of one of my FAVORITE songs by the amazing artist Alicia Keys!