Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Voting Day!!

Hello All! Its Amanda from Cricktncrafts with today's post! But first I wanted to wish you all a very happy Voting day! Today will not only determine how our country will run for the next 4 years but also on a lighter note all those crazy phone call polls will stop!! :)  So with that said ...

Don't forget that Kristal is clearing out her present stock offering her stamps for up to 60% off.   Kristal is not closing her online store - she's just cutting back her inventory in order to focus on her teaching and her family.  She has some exciting new ideas and we're all waiting anxiously to find out what's next for K Andrew Designs and Getting Cricky.  So stick with us as we continue to share our designs with you.

So for my project today I wanted to share with you a super inexpensive idea that I found on yet again Pinterest lol yes I am going to be a member of pinterest AA very soon! But there are sooo many wonderful ideas out there that can be so helpful and so fun that how can anyone really resist trying at least half of what they see!? 

So for this project I want to tell you first that it only cost me less than $1.00 to make a full set! HOW CRAZY is this?! And I am going to make a set for everyone in my family now and all of my neighbors! So onto the project :) 

So for the details of this project stop over at my blog and check out how much it really cost me to make these super cheap gifts!!! 
And don't forget to take advantage of the awesome sale over at Kristal's store!!! 
K Andrew Designs

*hugs to all* and Hope everyone goes out to vote today and 
Hope everyone is safe and sound and back to crafting after Sandy made her way through the East Coast