Monday, December 31, 2012

Flower tutorial from Jessie

Hi Everyone,
Happy New Years Eve :)
This is Jessie from Edogg Sugarlips and Princess Buttercup, and I have a tutorial for you today. I am apologizing in advance. I did a video but I couldn't get it to upload. :(  So, the pictures stink cause I had to take them on my my phone.

So here is the project and then I will tell you how to make the flower.

For the frame I painted it with glossy paint and did 2 coats, added some ribbons, and the flower. I used the Guy Talk set for the sentiment.

Cut circles in a few different sizes of circles from satin. I did 4 just for time but you could do 6 or whatever you want. I just eyeball them but you could use a template if you really wanted too. 

Next you are going to take a candle and light it. You hold the fabric just above the flame and it will start to curl on the edges and then you just turn it and go around the whole circle.

Repeat this with all the petals and you will have a pile of them.

Nestle them together to make your flower. 

I put mine together with a glue dots but you could sew them if you were worried about them coming apart.  Then I added a jewel to the center like you see in the top picture.

 So that is it. Easy Peasy flower that look great. Have a great day :)