Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Tic..Tac...Tic...Tac.... The Christmas Clock is ticking! Its only a week away and I am still making little gifts for people and I am having a blast! I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Season and Please remember to keep the families of Newtown in your hearts this Christmas as I know that its going to be a very difficult one for them. My Heart breaks for them and if any of our followers are from there please know that I am thinking of all of you!!

So for my project today I created Tic Tac Covers to give as little gifts to the drivers of the company I work for. They aren't the cheeriest bunch of guys in the world but I'm sure they will get a kick out of these :) Please enjoy!

They are packages of "Frosty's Noses" The message inside is hand written and says "When it snows you will have Frosty's nose! "

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Merry Christmas Everyone! Keep Crafting and My next post will be in the new Year!! <3