Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fill a jar with Beautiful Thoughts

I thought it would be great to fill a pin cushion jar with some of Kristal's sentiments from her Beautiful Thoughts stamp set. This would make an excellent gift!

Making a pin cushion jar is super easy.

Glue sticks and glue gun
Fiber fill
Fabric square about 6"x6"
Ribbon, lace and buttons for decoration.
Thin piece of cardboard and pen
Empty and clean baby food jar

Take the lid of the baby food jar and trace it on the cardboard with the pen. Cut out this cardboard circle. Take a large handful of fiber fill and place it on the middle of your fabric. Place the cardboard circle on top of the fiber fill. Pull your fabric up around the cardboard circle and cut off any large amount of excess fabric. Glue one corner at a time continuing to securely tug on the fabric pulling it over your cardboard circle. Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the top lid of the baby food jar and adhere the pin cushion to the top.

You can apply ribbon to the outside edge of the lid prior to gluing the pin cushion on or after. I like to do it before and also ad a layer of lace to it.

You can accent your pin cushion with tied tool and glued on buttons if you choose. Fill the jar with your favorite K Andrews Designs sentiments and you have an excellent gift for someone you care about.

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