Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Monet!

Okay so I needed to get myself in gear to create a monthly bulletin board that ties in Artists with books. hmmmm you know I love I decided to use one of the large bulletin boards to create an ARTIST themed book display.

Since it's old Claude's birthday, I decided to make a life sized Claude Monet black and white portrait, and outfit him with birthday attire. Then I added all the Monet books I could find, and stood back and watched the kids wonder who this old guy was! ahahah! I had a blast explaining who Monet was, showing his artwork, explaining what "impressionism" is, and celebrating this amazing artist...
What's on easels? I had a few of you email asking...
First of all is child friendly Monet books, then reprints of his artwork, and then also a child friendly article from Scholastic Art.
Here are the books I used:

My next step is to add a coloring page by Monet.. I'm going to pull one of his coloring book pages from a book I bought and then on the back run a child-friendly biography so they can grab a Monet sheet and take it home to learn about him.
Most time I have with kids is about 3-10 this little impact is going to be good for all of us I think. They can view artwork, check a book out on the artists, and then grab a sheet to color and read at home.

Lots of Library Love,
Ms. BooksmART