Friday, November 29, 2013

Sock it to me you little Dwarf!!!

Bwahahaha so as I've been laughing all the way with my Amazon credit card in hand (thanks honey), I've been finding the coolest books ever!
Look at this adorable Sock Monkey's Christmas book I found with matching spinning sock monkey at....all places...Cracker Barrel!! The sock monkey laughs himself silly all while spinning around deliriously--the kids are going to flippin' love this! bwhahahahah
**update--he flips around so much he literally makes the snow fly--hahahah***
The Sock Monkey Night Before Christmas

Next up I found this hilarious parody of Elf on a Shelf..which he should be here in a day or two from Amazon... you have got to READ this book--it's perfect for the older kids, and I ended up reading it today to a 4'th grade class who loved it!!!
**Update** I had someone "accidentally borrow" my dwarf for about a week. However, guess what? They brought him back--wasn't that awesome??

Lots of Library Love,
Ms. BooksmART