Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This Pigeon wants a ......cart full of books!!!

Okay so my first order of business was to get the piles of books off the floor that the kids would bring in. Tubs of books from each class would be brought in, and then dumped into piles. Yikes it made me super duper crazy! lol!

So I found a cart, and away we went! As soon as we checked them in, we file them on the cart. E for Everyone picture books goes on one side, with biographies, and then on the other side goes all the Dewey Decimal number non-fiction books.

Man this cart has made me one happy pigeon!!!!!

Ps some of you have asked for patterns--in my harried fashion, I did a super fast sketch of Mo Willem's Pigeon character on a piece of sketch book paper. There isn't a pattern, but he's super easy to draw--I promise!!!