Monday, February 24, 2014

Remembering Terry Scott with Amazing Art

Dr. Peggy, Sherrie, and Moi

So the universe blessed me once again, and brought some beautiful folks into my life. As you know, I absolutely am ART crazy!! I was so very blessed to make the acquaintance of abstract artist, Dr. Peggy thru a wonderful artist friend, Rita. She introduced me to Dr. Peggy, and Dr. Peggy has taken to the children in my media center and art club, like a duck takes to water! 
When Dr. Peggy found out that I was integrating Art into the curriculum, thru the library with various artwork by local artists, and thru a volunteer Art Club I run in the afternoons, she got right to work! She introduced me to an amazing artist Terry Scott. Although Terry has passed on to the other side, his work and spirit is still here. His wonderful amazing wife Sherrie gave me this beautiful original piece that Terry painted. Terry was a modern impressionist painter, and he often painted on windows, driftwood, metal, and all types of alternative unique canvases.
His wonderful soul mate, Sherrie also donated to our Art program so we can continue to integrate Art and teach the students about art in memory of Terry.