Sunday, March 9, 2014

Florida Alliance for Arts in Education Conference: LITERACY arts!!!

I was so fortunate again to be blessed by amazing people who can help our school. I was asked to come present at the state FAAE conference for Integration for the Arts in Panama City, Florida. My portion was Literacy Arts...integrating the Art into the curriculum and media center through children's literature and art integration.
I had a total BLAST! I was so nervous, but everyone loved the presentation. WHEW! The only downfall? Yeah, my husband booked us a "romantic" room right on the beach....on the week of Spring Break! We are so old and out of touch, we had no clue! lol!! Until we were kept up ALL night long..boy was that a racket! lol!!
Here I am at the presentation before the guests arrived

Here's my brochure for the presentation:
FAAE Arts Symposium