Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Getting Dotty with Kadinsky

So as a librarian and art integration person, I love to integrate books with art into the regular curriculum. Today was no exception. I have an absolutely wonderful friend who teaches third grade. She was *thinking* about discarding some wood pieces from one of her science projects, and I reminded her they would be an excellent art integration project, so together here is what we came up with!

Materials: The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

Kadinsky Print: Squares with Concentric Circles
What are concentric circles? Discuss with the children, and then discuss Kadinsky's print Squares with Concentric Circles.
After reading the dot, and talking about the symbolism the dot had, it's effects, and how the "circle" would continue with each person encouraging another to create, then it is time to get started. Of course this did lead us to a problem...how could we "sign" our artwork??? We decided we would sign it on the back with sharpie!
Pass each child out a wood slice (this slice must be completely DRY--green wood will warp). Then we allowed the students to just paint to their hearts content, focusing on concentric circles. After they had done concentric circles, we let them "decorate" if they wanted to. We had some that just couldn't stop painting--iI felt like a circular story was on going here in SO many ways!!! Lol!

Lots of Library Love,
Ms. BooksmART