Monday, January 27, 2014

*Art Integration* Pete the Cat is PURR-FECT!!!

We LOVE Pete the Cat at our school--he rules the hallways and the book stacks!! When I started ordering books Pete the Cat was the #1 purchase that I made, and I've pre-ordered every single book he is coming out with. I love how I can pre-order them from Amazon and they come on the release date..the kids love it too. They are always asking..."So whatcha got in the mail this week?" lol!!!

We love Pete the Cat so much, that I did a Sidewalk Mural for Pete--cause we love him!!!

My good friend, K also did this fabulous Art Integration project with Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes! Look how adorable her Cat portraits turned out! The focus was on Space and Perspective. Remind students that space means they should try to FILL the entire page. Perspective should make sure that closer items are BIGGER, and farther away items are smaller.
You could most definitely use Color as a focus on another lesson, using the color wheel.

Read I Love My New Shoes with Pete the Cat, noting the rhythm and pattern (these are artistic elements, and also elements used in good writing). Ask students to notice the perspective in the book (why do Pete's shoes look larger on some pages? Is he closer? Why does parts of his legs look bigger? Are they closer in the foreground? Expand upon the elements of space and perspective within the illustrations in the story.

Materials Needed:
Fiction Text: Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

Non-Fiction Text: Perspective (How Artist Use) 

Art Background Materials: Free Perspective Art Poster, Free Space Poster]
Art Supplies: White drawing paper, black marker, watercolors