Thursday, September 11, 2014

One Crazy Day in Bangkok

Okay seriously I loved that song One Night in Bangkok--lol! I was lucky enough to be introduced to a teacher in Thailand who happened to be here visiting family. Teecha Nick was so cool, he agreed to come and do an entire presentation about Thailand's art, media, and culture with all my students.

So naturally I ordered lots of Thailand books to encourage them to read and learn more about this fascinating culture after Nick left (I even found some Thailand Drawing books--our students LOVE to draw). Their favorite part? The baby buddha and of course the meditation bell of remembrance.

I also displayed some Paper Relief Sculptures on my Double Gallery Easel. This allowed us to talk about reliefs in art. Love it when I can pop the art in--and yeah, that's every day! lol!

Here's a link to the article they did about us in the local paper and a video with Teecha Nick's prezi--kids/

Lots of Love,
Ms. BooksmART