Monday, September 22, 2014

Pete the Cat!

All of my students ADORE Pete the Cat, so I always use him when I perform my Kindergarten Read-Alouds. I absolutely love James Dean and have collected many of his prints from Gallery Rinard in New Orleans, Lousiana. So when he started creating the art for the Pete the Cat books, I quickly bought all of them and I'm still the first to pre-order his books as soon as I can find the button on Amazon!
So as an art lover and teacher, I am always quick to point out all of the artistic elements and principles in the design of any illustrations. This month I have read Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes and Pete and the New Guy.
I even painted a Pete the Cat canvas--notice how he loves How to Draw books? heehee
Books are Purrfect--especially any that focus on ART! woot woot!

To integrate art in kindergarten read alouds I have to be sneaky and quick. My best friend is Pete and his Listening Lollipops! Yep he sits on top of an entire PAINT pail full of those suckers! bwahahaha
Listening Lollipops--I bought the "painted" ones that turn your mouth colors--heehee

Utilizing Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes...I teach the students the Three Parts of the Picture Plane:
Foreground, Middleground, and Background. I also show them motion lines.  I show them in the illustrations within both books (this takes two weeks as each group comes once a week for a quick 10-15 minute read aloud). Guess what? They got it! Almost all of them remembered the 3 parts and could identify them, which part of the painting each one was, and they started applying it to their own drawings! I think that's pretty amazing for 5 year old who haven't all learned how to tie their shoes! ART makes learning come alive!!!! 

Parts of the Picture Plane
Motion Lines (Pete has lots of motion lines within his books) they loved this one because it was a great opportunity to talk about how steam moves and matter.

Lots of Love,
Ms. BooksmART