Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Starry Night Shoes and Bag

Okay so I went a little crazy with Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night! I had an old pair of Toms I was about to throw out--I mean they were in rough shape! But then I decided to paint them because so many of our kids walking in to the library didn't recognize this painting--I have found if I WEAR something I can get the kids excited about it. Why? I have no idea~ lol so my old worn out Toms became...
Starry Night Shoes!!! I love wearing them!!!! I've worn them for a full month here and there and the kids adore them:::
Starry Night Shoes

Before I made these shoes, someone was throwing out a brand new teacher bag (one of the companies who gives out textbooks--guess they have lots of $$$$$ to spend) lol so I grabbed it and painted a teacher bag for my artsy friend at another school. She loves Van Gogh as much as I do! She absolutely loved the bag!