Monday, September 15, 2014

Teacher Painting Workshop & Crayon Name Plates

Adorable teacher!!!!

So before school started, I invited teachers that were interested to make signs for their classrooms, and I have to say all the teachers that attended did awesome jobs! I have a few pics to share with you!
OWL-some teacher!!!

The sign I chose to do was a self-portrait, so that way students who were visiting the media center and just hearing about our Visual Arts class would at least get an "visual idea" of who I was. I created my self portrait with a piece of clear acetate and a sharpie marker--just making quick contour lines. I then finished my sign using lots of mixed media--I have to say months later, I still have kids who get excited and notice a new element that I've used.
The signs were a hit!

I also made LOTS of these very simple wooden crayons--some of our teachers did not have door names so we solved the problem by cutting out super basic wooden pencils and quick painting! Each teacher chose their own colors and they were super fast to make!