Sunday, September 21, 2014

Visiting Artist: Abstract Artist

So I got a whim (what's new) to bring more amazing folks to our school--and I had the brilliant idea to bring a local artist in to our kids to expand our Visual Arts studio classes. Of course, I did this last year, but I had to bring them into the media center. Now our artists can get down and artsy with us in the studio!
Dr. Peggy, Abstract Artist

Our first artist was my good friend and fellow Abstract Artist, Dr. Peggy. She is the one who helped us do the murals in the lunchroom (we created two last year--so much fun!)
I taught the students about abstract art, various artists, and then Dr. Peggy came in to bring her artwork. She focused on the element of TEXTURE with the kids. Their assignment was to bring something to add texture to their next abstract piece of artwork which we created on wood: Check out the article the local paper did on her visit and the new program here:
Check out our Abstract Art Installation. As you remember, I have no covered display space or a wall to hang artwork, so my husband and I built this free-standing display. Guess what it's created from? Yep a box spring--on the front side, we can hang frames on the wooden surface or wood pieces like our Abstract Art. On the back side, we can use clips to hang 3-d pieces. LOVE reusing and re-purposing. My hubby is as artsy and hippy as I am--we are definitely a match!
Abstract Art Installation Display
Come back soon to see more added--my Friday class painted on STICKS that we stripped down and polished instead of wood. Monday class did the wood pieces. For texture they used crayons, sand, rocks, tissue paper, and on and on. VERY creative kids!!!!

Lots of Love,
Ms. BooksmART