Saturday, October 18, 2014

Abstract Art: Painted Sticks *updated*

Painted sticks? Oh yes, we public school art teachers can be very resourceful. So after teaching the students about abstract art and non-representational pieces, we delved into creating our own art sticks. Since my Monday class had painted wood boards, we decided to mix it up with Friday's class and use sticks.
We collected the sticks, and then I used a whittling blade to strip all of the bark completely off the sticks making them super smooth--I also used a wire brush to polish them up nicely removing any dust or debris. Here are a few of my students really getting into their stick painting! lol Come back on Friday because we will display their pieces by adding them to our current Abstract Art installation that is standing out in front of our media center on the homemade display stand.
I love how each student is taking their time and thinking of the colors and designs to add to their sticks.

Look at these two artsy charmers! Can't wait to see their sticks finished--after this photo, they started a marbling process so the sticks totally changed appearance.

Here are the kids abstract art::: Didn't they do a GREAT job???

Lots of Love,
Ms. BooksmART