Sunday, October 12, 2014

Andy Warhol Artist Poster: FREE download

Well I decided to implement a very quick new program at our school: Artist of the Month. I created a very basic Artist Poster for each teacher to print out on their printer (18x24 in tiled feature) and then I placed a few art integration activities in their box. I'll do this each month. The hand-outs I pass out to the teachers are meant to be copied for the students so they can take them home to share with their parents. This way their is an Art Connection between our school and home. It's totally optional for teachers to participate. This month, I chose Andy Warhol because I heart him BIG time.
Here is my poster if you would like to download it for FREE. It's just a simple PDF that you can also pop on your LCD projector, and I just ran off a basic white and black copy (fit to page) to send home with the kids as well. It's very basic, and when I teach about Andy, I add all of my anecdotes and thoughts about him.
 FREE Andy Warhol Pop Art Poster (18x24 or smaller) click HERE to download

As the Visual Arts & Media Teacher, I also help to supervise the Media Center. This gives me a wonderful opportunity to create displays and pop up art books for the teachers and kids on various artists. Here are a few that I popped up in the media center for the kids to check out Andy Warhol: I have to say I absolutely ADORE Fabulous and check out Uncle Andy's Cats because I'll be featuring a project with it soon!

As Andy Warhol would say.... "I think everyone should like everyone"--so smile at someone today--be kind--you never know the impact it could have on someone.

Lots of Love,
Ms. BooksmART