Monday, September 8, 2014

Art Door and Outside Display

I'm teaching Visual Arts studio to our 4'th grade students this year in the Art Integration Studio that is housed within our media center...To decorate for this, I added a cardboard paintbrush (I just created it from large cardboard, and then used colored crepe paper for the paint bristles) to the outside of my Art Studio door that is housed within the media center, along with a Foam paint splatter cut-out that I created and painted with my name. The quote on the paintbrush says, "Creativity Takes Courage" and the foam sign simply says Art with Madame K Petruzzi. See my sock monkey? He says come on in and get artsy!!! He's a big mess and I have to really watch him around my paint~!

I also made another paintbrush to hang on the outside of the main library door so my students would know where to come for their Visual Art class this year.
Quote says: "Art Gives You Wings"

Last but not least, I hung a HUGE and I mean HUGE art palette outside the school--I have an outside area that is nothing but brick and is not covered, so all my materials had to be rain and weather proof! So I created an XLG paint palette from shower board, paint on the palette using foam, and a large paintbrush using foam with plastic tablecloth for the paint streaming from the brush. Everyone loves it!
Inside of the Palette Says: Oh the Places You will Go in Art & Media

Lots of Love,
Ms. BooksmART